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for as long as I can remember, Music & Photography have been driving passions.

Nothing touches your heart and soul more profoundly than your favourite music or your favourite photograph

As soon as I left school and could earn some money the first two things I bought was an Olympus OM 1, 35 mm SLR camera and I ordered a hand built acoustic guitar by world renowned master luthier, Jim Williams. They are both now decades old but still cherished possessions.

With Heidi, my wife and partner, we have been full-time, performing musicians for the past two decades in and around Brisbane Queensland. 

Over the years photography has become even more of an obsession and my dozen or so guitars now look enviously on as they play second fiddle to my numerous cameras, lenses and other photography gear.    

Weddings, portraits, corporate, fashion and event photography are all part of my repertoire and I love being involved in creating beautiful memories for clients, whatever the occasion.

With Heidi's valuable skills as a makeup artist, second shooter and assistant we have been creating everlasting images for dozens of clients, and in the process meeting many wonderful people who have often become good friends.

I love to capture the moments in between the photos. That is, candid for me is always best. Those pictures, that when I look back at them, can often bring a tear to my eye. The pictures that capture that split second that not only tells the story of that moment but seems to tell the story that is within the person.

Having said that, there is also great satisfaction in creating the posed portrait in such a way that it not only tells a story but becomes that piece of art that compels you to keep looking. 

If you are looking for a photographer to shoot your wedding or portrait who understands how to capture you, not just as an image but as a person with a heart & soul, then let’s get together and chat. 

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